Shares rose after Powell’s speech

Emerging market currencies peaked nearly four months on Thursday, and stocks rose after fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s comments triggered the dollar to weaken.Nevertheless, the stock markets of China and Hong Kong declined amid fears ahead of the meeting of us President Donald trump and Chinese President XI Jinping.The MSCI emerging markets index climbed 0.7 percent to a peak of 3 weeks, despite declines in China and Hong Kong.
Powell said Wednesday that the fed’s interest rates are just below neutral.Many investors took the comments of the fed head as a signal of the imminent completion of the threeyear cycle of tightening monetary policy of the us Central Bank, which caused an increase in investorsappetite for risk.Most EM currencies rose against the backdrop of a weakening dollar, with  South African Rand peaking at nearly four months, and  Turkish Lira strengthened by 1 percent after data showed an increase in the economic confidence index in November after reaching a tenyear low a month earlier. Indian rupee rose to a maximum of three months before  country’s Central Bnk meeting

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