In New York, installed the main Christmas tree

In new York at the Rockefeller center installed the main Christmas tree. 75-year old tree sent a couple from Wallkill (located 100 km North of new York).The festive ceremony began at 19:00, and the lights were lit around 21: 00. But people took place in the crowd long before the start. To see the Christmas tree, it was necessary to come at the latest by 16: 00. Those who didn’t want to wait outside so long could watch the ceremony on TV.The Christmas tree is crowned by a 400-pound star Swarovski. It consists of 70 peaks that are decorated with 3 million crystals. For the decoration of the Christmas tree used 8 km of garlands.The tree will be decorated by new York until 7 January. Then it will be processed and given to the charity

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