Bolton: the topic of incident in the Kerch Strait is exhausted

Bolton: the topic of  incident in the Kerch Strait is exhausted. white house is not going to inflate hysteria about what happened
The assistant to  us President for national security John Bolton at a briefing for journalists refused to give additional comments about  incident in  Kerch Strait on November 25. Answering the question about whether President Donald trump is going to« condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine « during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at  G20 summit in Argentina, he said that the United States has already stated its position on this issue, and the topic is exhausted.Haley, who holds  honorary post of us Ambassador, voiced  position on behalf of  United States at a meeting of te Security Council, and we will adhere to these statements, Bolton TASS said.Us representative to  UN Niki Haley at a meeting of the UN security Council, speaking on behalf of trump and Secretary of state Michael Pompeo, condemned Russia’s actions, demanded the same from  «international community«, expressed deep concern and full support for Ukraine.On Monday, the US state Department issued a statement calling on Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to directly participate in the settlement of the situation. Pompeo urged Russia to return to Ukraine ships and sailors, and respect nternationally recognized borders of Ukraine. state Department refused to answer a question of  correspondent of TASS about relation to Poroshenko’s plans to enter martial law in Ukraine

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